Dongguan Blade Peak CNC Knife Co.,Ltd

About Us

Dongguan dgcnc Co., Ltd. is a design team with rich experience in precision parts processing industry for 15 years. Our company has 25 new machining centers, 8 CNC lathes, 15 precision automatic lathes, 3 four axis carving machines, grinder, wire cutting and other precision machining equipment.

Our company is specialized in R & D, design and production of CNC boring cutter series, CNC cutter bar series, medical equipment parts processing and various high-end CNC parts.

1. Boring cutter series: small diameter fine boring cutter, coarse boring cutter, fine boring cutter, boring cutter set, compound boring cutter, non-standard boring cutter customization, multi-functional chamfering cutter, etc.

2. Toolholder series: high precision tool bar, toolholder and machine tool accessories

3. Precision hardware accessories: medical equipment, sports equipment, electrical accessories, watch parts, fishing tackle, lighting, electric toys, etc. can be customized according to the drawings.

4. Surface process: electroplating, sandblasting, oxidation (aluminum), hair line, glue drop, laser logo mark, CD pattern, high gloss chamfering (aluminum and copper)

At present, the company is focusing on the research and development of micron level fine boring cutter and micro hole boring cutter to fill the gap of micro adjustable boring in the market, and has obtained the development patent of this series of products (Patent No.: ZL 2019 2 1251143.4). The series of products have been successfully put into the market, and the user feedback effect is very good. Our R & D team is also constantly developing iterative new products to meet the needs of different finishing users.