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Advantages of NC blade
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1. The cutting performance of NC blade must be stable and reliable.

At present, CNC blade durability is usually used to evaluate the quality of cutting tools. The longer the durability of NC blade is, the better the cutting performance of NC blade is. However, when cutting a batch of the same parts, the CNC blade material and workpiece material can not be completely the same, and some factors such as grinding quality can not be strictly controlled, so even under the same conditions, the durability of CNC blade still changes randomly. Therefore, in addition to the average value index of the durability of the NC blade, the reliability index TP of the NC blade should also be given. It has become the key index of selecting NC blade.

2. Reliable chip breaking and chip removal.

The numerical control blade must be able to break or roll chip reliably, that is, cutting control. Each station equipment on the CNC machine tool. There are many CNC blades installed, which have large cutting capacity and many chips. Therefore, when cutting plastic metal, it is necessary to control the chip not to wrap on the numerical control blade, workpiece and process equipment, control the chip not to splash, ensure the safety of the operator, do not affect the injection of cutting fluid, do not affect the positioning and transportation of parts, do not scratch the machined surface, so that the chip is easy to clean Numerical control blade with groove or chip breaking block, or gap cutting or vibration cutting measures are used to improve the chip breaking effect.

3. It should have high precision.

The geometric dimension of the cutting part of the NC blade should be small, and the accuracy and stability should be maintained after repeated loading and unloading.

4. Quick replacement and size pre adjustment.

The NC blade should be able to be replaced quickly or automatically, and it should have the function of controlling and adjusting the size or the automatic compensation device for tool wear, so as to reduce the downtime of tool change adjustment


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