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Difference between NC high speed cutting tools and traditional ones
Release time: 2020-07-23 09:58:44  Hits: 8

NC high-speed cutting tool machining is an important advanced manufacturing technology in mold manufacturing. It is an advanced manufacturing technology with high efficiency, high quality and low consumption. Compared with the traditional cutting process, its cutting speed and feed speed have been greatly improved, and the cutting principle is also the same. The high-speed cutting of CNC tool makes the cutting process take a substantial leap. CNC high-speed cutting tool greatly improves the metal removal rate and cutting force, the service life of the tool is greatly improved, the cutting heat left in the workpiece, and the cutting vibration is greatly reduced. With the increase of cutting speed, the cutting time is shortened, the machining efficiency is improved, the service cycle of milling cutter is greatly improved, and the market competitiveness of products is improved. The reduction of cutting force of NC tool makes the working frequency of cutting system far away from the low-order natural frequency of machine tool with high-speed, and the surface roughness of workpiece is sensitive to the low-order frequency, thus reducing the surface roughness.

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